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woensdag 14 december 2011

DLM Forum’s triennial conference 2011: day 1 - Moreq2010

12 December 2011
Apples and oranges: An in‐depth comparison of MoReq2010 to other
international records management standards
Jon Garde, Author of MoReq2010 & Director of Journal IT (UK) 

Although some might frown upon the fact that conference attendees received a paper version of the MoReq2010 standard, Jon Garde revealed that this edition was in fact the 1.1 version of the standard. A version nowhere to be found online. Not even on the MoReq website.

Firstly he touched on some specific tools that accompanied the new standard:
  • The MoReq2010 export XML schema that describes how entities are exported, in what order, and the structure of the resulting XML data
  • The MoReq2010 Test Framework for Accreditation, Certification & Testing 
This however would not be the end. In the (near) future extension modules and translations would be developed.

After these announcements he set out to compare the MoReq2010 standard to other records management standards. This comparison should eventually lead to a contrast document.

Important differences according to John Garde are:
  • Requirements
    • Coverage: incomplete coverage of the standard is diverted by allowing extensions
    • Cardinality: level of specification per requirement.
  • Process: MoReq2010 relates to parts of the records management process, thus recognizing that some work is already done.
  • Vocabulary & concepts: be using a extended glossary the MoReq2010 can be made interoperable. By contrast ISO standards such as 23081 and 15489 are not interchangeable on this point.
Garde then made a distinction between so called ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ standards. Hard standards are standards that have a testing regime and which are interoperable via technical and semantic requirements: if you do not follow the rules exactly (comply), then it does not work. MoReq2010 is such a standard. Soft standards do not have a testing regime and compliancy is a value.

I do not know about the hardness of MoReq2010 and am tempted to say that I foremost would like to see that some (instead of no) rules are applied. We’ll work from there.

His presentation can be downloaded from the DLM website.

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