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woensdag 14 december 2011

DLM Forum’s triennial conference 2011

Via this blog I would like to share my experiences during the DLM Forum’s triennial conference 2011 in Brussels.

Depending on my notes the posts will be longer or shorter, business like or informal. I just hope that anybody who reads this gets some valuable information out of it. In any event: it's my first entry in English and an easy and fun way to write a report on the DLM Conference.

If you are just interested in the presentations I very much recommend the DLM Forum website.

First of we start with the keynotes that fired off the conference.

12 December 2011
Keynote 1: DIGIT
·        Francisco García Morán, Director General of the European Commission’s Informatics Directorate‐General (DG DIGIT)

The mission of DIGIT is to enable the Commission to make effective and efficient use of Information and Communication Technologies in order to achieve its organisational and political objectives… According to the website

García Morán looked at the future of Europe and identified that ICT has a potential for growth. By using ICT smart growth is possible. He saw some barriers:

  •  interoperability
  • trust in digital services
  • fragmented digital markets
  • insufficient R&D
  • the slow implementation of e-government
DIGIT therefore aims to adopt an European interoperability strategy and framework. Implementation of this framework encompasses notions such as semantic interoperability, cataloguing of services, architecture and legislation.

DIGIT is working on an ERMS under the name of eDomec and Hermes Ares Nomcom.

The presentation can be downloaded from the DLM website.

Keynote 2: FEDICT
·         Jan Deprest, Chairman, Federal Agency for ICT Belgium (FEDICT)

FEDICT aims to achieve semantic interoperability and technical interoperability within the Belgium federation.
It develops and implements standards to achieve this goal.

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